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DropBox and it’s annoyances

Hi im also a user of Dropbox , that to tell the truth idont use it as much as sugersync and now im thinking to move to after i make my own app for . But now this post isnt about if sugarsync or is better than DropBox , is about the annoying things of dropbox. Even most of them are in the application development part of the things.
So let’s go listing them. Note : the list isnt from the msot annoying to the least or from least annoying to the most


  • What is the use a Web Browser control to authericate your app'lication’s user and receive of access token , crap ?  Huh? I’m supposed to make only applications that need user interaction? why imnot allowed to make a windows service that will run in the damned background and do some scheduled syncing in the background or some dropbox cloudfolder organisation ? what the crap , why didyou give username and passwords then DropBox?
  • What is again with so little space (2Gb) for free ? What isnt little space Sugarsync gives 5Gb for free Skydrive gives 7Gb , gives around 5Gb and who knwos how many services of the same kind give more space than dropbox . Yeah Dropbox in it’s current web space that offers it’s only for small sized directories sync.
  • What is this with DropBox default syncing client it’s too damned stupid non customizable . It’s customisable like hell it is .. if you want to sync somemore directories you must be forced to use some of your nerdish tip and tricks , that if you are nto a nerd or an experienced user you will do nothing , dont tell me that it’s competitors doesnt offer such ability because i have proof that atleast sugarsync that i use regularly it has that ability , ofcourse it has and a specific folder that it calls”Magic Briefcase” that is like DropBox folder but it also you can add whatever folder you want to be synced and also you can select for every pc what folder to sync to. For Example you done want a folder named “crapy photos” to be synced the pc named “perfect pc” and you want to all others in Sugarsync you can easily go to Manage sync folders and dont add it or remove it in Dropbox Doesnt exist that.

Ok I told enough of the annoying things DropBox has for me, but this doesnt make the service useless , its still good service .
Tell me your opinions either in the comments bellow, or in facebook or in my twitter


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